Avril Quadros known as Avril Q is a Mumbai-born International singing sensation whose talent has been talked about since her childhood.

Trained in Indian & Western Classical Music, Theatre and Dance, she has evolved as a versatile and complete performer on stage, a leading vocalist with experience in various genres i.e. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Hip-Hop, Retro, Disco and ofcourse Bollywood

She performs original compositions with an Eclectic approach and has some of the most exhilarating performances, be it as a MC or with a band, acoustic guitar, piano, live DJ or solo performance.

Avril Q adds variety through various genres, languages and audience participation and has been one of the few people to perform for Princess Ann. In addition she has performed for many VIP functions in India and abroad singing in 5 languages

She has been a winner of the ‘All India Bits Pilani Rock Fest’

She has also fronted many famous bands such as Gangamma’s Pleasure, Pulse and AQ Project

Avril Q has over 600 events under her belt, including the opening for ‘Inner Circle’ to her credit. She has also released a single and an album, and also has done an item song for the film, ‘Jugaari’ with rave reviews in Bangalore and the film industry.

Avril Q has to her credit over 50 jingles for multiple product categories

She recently debuted as a Bollywood playback singer in Subhash Ghai’s ‘Kaanchi’ which was released in April 2014. The folk song is called ‘ADIYE ADIYE’

Avril Q has been well covered by the media, in Print, on TV and on Radio in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai She has the distinction of being the first female Indian artist to have a single video release aired on VH1 as well as other music channels and radio.

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