Without having any doubts, Horseman is one of the most prolific and influential mentalist during our times. He is an upcoming Mentalist and an expert in Cardistry (doing card jugglery). Horseman – The Mentalist is an expert at his art while at the same time being equally good at Cardistry, we are sure you all are familiar with the works of Horseman. Since his first appearance, Horseman – The Mentalist has been constantly refining his skills and looking to outdo himself with each appearance. He has a very unique method of work and this very method and his highly developed skills; he has been acclaimed by various Senior Mentalists worldwide. Whilst some people actually believe he has psychic or real magical abilities he openly admits everything he does is the result of suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship with a little sprinkling of “Magic”.

Horseman – The Mentalist provide a unique and interactive entertainment experience that stimulates the mind. Performing all over India for corporate, college, and exclusive private events, he brings a truly unique, astonishing and interactive entertainment experience to any event he performs at.

During his entertaining show, audience members become involved in amazing and fun mind games. People’s minds are read, predictions made weeks before the show are seen to come true, cards are juggled like magic, and much more.

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