INDIVA..India’s Leading All-Diva-Band blends their unique styles and talents encompassing the elements of nature… Wind..Earth…Water..and Fire!! into their Sound of Music…

Their special musical journey began as friends jamming together. Vivienne and Merlin were part of a Theatrical music production..this bonding gave way to many more musical spells and over the years their comfort grew wide to welcome and embrace another vocalist with Hindustani and Carnatic leanings. An Instrument with a unique sound that could crossover both western and Indian sounds…came as an additional gift….and with Shruti and Chandana INDIVA is completes the circle and Prism of Light making them… unique!
They all play a role in not just being “Vocal” about their brand of music..but also “Instrumental” about it !

Vivienne ( guitar) Shruti ( Violin) Chandana ( Percussions) Merlin( Keyboards)

Their fuse the rich diversity of their land into folk music with a world-fusion musical interpretation
A Multi lingual band…they effortlessly slip into song…in Marathi, Hindi English Malayalam Tamil Kannada Spanish Portuguese Bengali Gujarati even Swahili and more !

They feel about social issues-women-related and more..imbibing the call to reach out, translated into the universal language of music. SUNO… Their first single was inspired by the unfortunate Delhi-incident thus reaching out to the world with a compassionate plea…weaved into their song.

Each artist brings forth a rich musical lineage to the Band’s core sound making their SOUND of MUSIC…simply unparalleled !

Few of the memorable performances of INDIVA are:

  • Make in India event Mumbai, in presence of P.M. Shri Narendra Modi and other heads of state
  • Time of India Regales
  • Exchange 4 Media – Impact Show
  • Indiva @ Blue Frog
  • Eventtimes magazine
  • 1 billion rising and more
  • BOLDtalks Woman 2013 at Dubai
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