Deejay, Producer, Percussionist

His finesse in music assimilation and his zeal to redefine the essence of Deejaying, rightfully crowns him the King of Music resurrection! Meet DJ King, who has heartily dedicated 20 years to the music industry, mixing music, playing drums and being branded as the first DJ ever to play Percussions with Deejaying!

Going with the flow and demand of the ever changing trends in music, DJ King has successfully made his musical journey right from playing drums to electro drumming and from Deejaying to Music Production.

His incredible sense of music and enigmatic technique of playing international genres as Tech House, Electro, EDM, NU Disco and House has earned him invaluable pride and reputation and as one of the most popular deejays’ in the private party circle, DJ King has lucratively set numerous dance floors, in various cities across the nation, on fire!


DJ King not only believes in ‘Living Life King-size’, but also in sharing with the underprivileged and balancing the prejudice of nature, created by man. The King himself is trying to make a rock-steady difference in the nasty side of the world while rocking its dazzling counterpart on the dance floor. His non-profitable charity institute, Omatra is powered by the vision to protect, educate and empower the girl child.

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