Introduction And Style

The Overseas Project has been formed to discover its own sound by fusing all forms of music. It respects both Indian and western styles and is set out to bring a unique combination of both, with the lyrics in Hindi. The essence is to fuse diverse and varied backgrounds to coalesce into a modern musical rendition. The music style and sound of The Overseas Project has a flavor of rock, blues and electronica, blended with Indian Raga-based elements. The band aims to make soulful compositions with meaningful lyrics, and not concentrate on any particular genre.



In the year 2012, Amitabh (Vocals), Hasib (Synth) and Majid (Guitars) kicked off with the band in Kuwait. Although the live music scene in Kuwait is very restricted and even more difficult when it comes to Asian music with Hindi lyrics, this did not stop the band from making news, pulling out live performances and gaining popularity in the middle-east. Their fans come from all over the Indian subcontinent, and the band has been featured in the media in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In early 2016, Majid left the band for pursuing other interests. Subsequently, the band relocated to Pune, where it was joined by Jacob a.k.a Jacky (Guitars), Rudra (Guitars), Arihant (Bass) and Randhir (Drums). Hasib still operates from Kuwait while the other members are in Pune.


Lyricist / Vocalist

Amitabh grew up in a family of musicians, and it was no wonder that he picked up similar interests. After completing his snatak in Indian classical in the year 2003, he has been performing ever since and picked up western music theory on the fly.



Keyboardist / Producer

Hasib had an early start in music with classical vocal lessons and playing various instruments in his childhood. He started Dj-ing in early 2000’s and later moved to composing his own music along with playing keyboard for various bands. Currently, he composes and produces soundtrack and background scores for ads and motion pictures.




Jacob or Jacky as he is fondly known in the music circles, has been playing music for about 20 years. Along with a formal training in piano and guitars, he also learnt music with the international Jazz maestro Warren Sanders. He has been part of popular bands of the Indian music scene and done his bit in contributing music to motion pictures. He has travelled to over 10 countries and played/ collaborated with many artists globally.




Arihant plays the bass, harmonica and keyboards. His musical influences range from classic rock to Sufism. He has been a part of many bands like Ziyarat and Nothing as Now, and has performed at venues/ events like Zee Music- Aspire (opened for Parikrama), IIM Lucknow, Armoured Corps, Ahmednagar, Doolally- Corinthians, Irish Village and Rastafa.




Rudra started his music story in Assam with festivals like Thundermarch. He came down to Pune in 2011, now teaches in The School of Rock and has played at various venues (like Blue Frog) and college festivals with different bands.




Randhir is inspired by the likes of Gavin Harrison and Trilok Gurtu. His styles include rock, alternative, fusion, blues and jazz. He has been on the drums for the past two decades and played around 500 shows with various bands like B Sharp, Jazz Mates, Trees on Fire and Angel Dust. This includes well known fests like the Sula Wine Fest and Army Fest.

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