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A Unique Team Engagement Game with Fun, Energy and Entertainment

Team Building, Brand Engagement, Trivia & Quiz based Game Show


  • A Team Engagement and Entertainment Game, exclusively developed using latest technology

  • The only game which can be played in any setting, with any number of people and for any duration, keeping the excitement intact.

  • An opportunity for participants to WIN exciting prizes, merchandise, cash prizes and a super exclusive Jackpot

  • A good opportunity for Brands to showcase their products, services and also provide unmatched value to participants

  • The game played in 3 to 5 Rounds

  • Each Round has a few fun questions and instant cash rewards

  • The Players then swap the cash reward for a surprise gift

  • For the surprise gift the player selects a particular Door

  • If lucky, ends up winning great prizes which are behind the door

  • Or will get nothing if wrong door opened, losing the cash reward too

  • This game is super fun to play and lot of energy in the room

  • Each round has surprise gifts programmed randomly in particular doors

  • The Host engaged the crowd to the fullest to make them participate with the players and create energy

  • "Popat" is the popular mascot of the game which means there was no winning behind the door, the player still get a consolation prize - A suffed toy "Popat"

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