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Visioneering by Kalyani Kamble
Team Building at its best

Visioneering by Kalyani Kamble

A global brand name in the world of Team Building, Life Coaching, Vision Building and Mentoring startups, mid level and senior management of MNCs and helping budding entrepreneurs build strong willed organizations and teams. 

Besides team building and motivation workshops with role-play and team work games, Kalyani is an expert "Glass Walk", "Rod Bending", "Board Breaking" and "Fire Walk" facilitator, where participants are motivated and taught to do acts which they would have never imagined or dared to do in life.  These acts build confidence and mental power amongst the participants thereby bringing the best out of them.

Her programs are highly customised to the organization's needs and perfectly curated to suit the occasion. Be it a half day workshop to an outbound Visioneering Retreat, her presence brings in the desired energy, motivation and mentoring in the group.

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